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LG GSA-H12N Review

LG GSA-H12N Specifications

LG GSA-H12N Specifications

Our Test Machine's Specs:

Pentium 4 3GHz (not over clocked)


ABIT Motherboard




LG Introduction

LG Electronics, Inc. was established in 1958 as the pioneer in the Korean consumer electronics market. The company is a major global force in electronics and information and communications products with more than 64,000 employees working in 76 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world. With annual total revenues of more than US $16.9 billion(non-consolidated), LG Electronics comprises three main business companies : Digital Display & Media, Digital Appliance, Telecommunication Equipment & Handset.

Since becoming Korea's first electronics company to export its products abroad, LG Electronics now has 80% of its operations overseas. LG announced a joint venture in 2000 with Hitachi called Hitachi-LG Data Storage, inc.

As LGs latest DVD writer LG claim the GSA H12N is the worlds fastest DVD rewriter, sporting 18 speed DVD±R writing, 12 Speed DVD-RAM writing, DVD+R DL writing at a maximum of 10 speed, DVD+RW at 8 speed and also DVD-RW x6 and CD-RW x32.

In this review we will be comparing it to another 18x DVD writer, the Toshiba TS-H652D (a dvd writer which shares many qualities to the Samsung SH-S182D).


What the package includes

The package contains:

OEM drive

  • LG GSA-H12N DVD±RW Rewriter
  • Manual & Software on a DVD-ROM

The software DVD contains:

  • PowerDVD 6 oem 2ch
  • Power Producer 3 VR
  • LG ODD Auto Firmware Update
  • Nero
  • Manual (on DVD)
  • InCD 4
  • Direct X 9



Our review drive came direct from Japan.

The front looks like a traditional LG DVD writer with a "super multi" logo, a DVD+R DL logo and DVD multi logos. Despite it looking beige on the outside, what you can't see in the picture is that the tray is black.


front of the drive

The back of the drive looks very similar to any other ATAPI CD drive.

You will find the usual connectors: jumpers for making the drive a Master/Slave/Cable Select, an analogue audio output connector, a digital audio output connector and a power connector.

back GSA-H12N

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