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Toshiba SD-M1912 Review



  • Can read DVD-RAM disks out of their caddy
  • Fast at reading pressed CD-ROMs
  • Very fast at reading 99min CDs
  • Fast CD-R reading
  • Fast at reading laserlok disks
  • Good pressed DVD-ROM read performance
  • Can now read DVD +R/-R, -RW/+RW at 6 speed.


  • Can only rip CSS DVDs at 8x max.
  • Error correction is not as fast as the older Toshiba drives
  • Disk recognition is slower than previous models
  • Only reads Dual-Layer DVD+R disks at 6x speed.
  • Very poor Safedisk 2 read performance
  • Slow CD-Audio reading maximum 32x.
  • Only 32 speed CDRW reading which is slower than the 3 year old Toshiba's DVD-ROMs.
  • Reads DVD-Video CSS only 8 speed maximum


Toshiba DVD-ROMs that were made in Japan were often regarded as the best for reading scratched, protected and often difficult to read poor quality media, consequently they were the drive of choice for CloneCD and other backup software.

This drive is not made by the Toshiba that many people are familiar with, but in fact Samsung and it shows in its performance. It's Safedisk 2 read performance has dropped dramatically from the famous 3 min mark to just over 30 minutes now, its disk recognition time is also longer and it now has difficulty in reading media that older Toshibas had no problems with.

We found its CDRW reading to be slower than previous generations and CD-Audio reading to be capped at 32x speed. Its DVD-Video / CSS content was capped at 8 speed as well. It is also worse and slower at reading scratched DVDs, something which the older Toshibas excelled at.

It wasn't all bad because its reading of pressed CDs and DVD-ROMs was very good and it gave an acceptable performance when it came to reading DVD recordable media (but was limited to 6 speed).

Overall the drive left us under whelmed and disappointed, we were expecting a Toshiba but what we got was something else.




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