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Toshiba TS 652D Review - Samsung Review,





Toshiba TS-H652D / Samsung SH-S182D Review


Model   Samsung SH-S182D (TS-H652D)
Data Transfer
Rate MAX

Media Type




18X (24.3MB/sec)

12X (16.2MB/sec)


8X (10.8MB/sec)

8X (10.8MB/sec)


8X (10.8MB/sec)

8X (10.8MB/sec)


8X (10.8MB/sec)

8X (10.8MB/sec)


18X (24.3MB/sec)

12X (16.2MB/sec)


6X (8.1MB/sec)

8X (10.8MB/sec)

DVD-ROM (Single)


16X (21.6MB/sec)

DVD-ROM (Dual)


8X (10.8MB/sec)



48X (7.2MB/sec)


48X (7.2MB/sec)

40X (6.0MB/sec)


32X (4.8MB/sec)

40X (6.0MB/sec)


10X (1.5MB/sec)

40X (6.0MB/sec)


4X (0.6MB/sec)

40X (6.0MB/sec)


12X (16.2MB/sec)

12X (16.2MB/sec)

Access Time   CD-ROM 110ms (Random) / DVD-ROM 130ms (Random)
Data transfer mode
Ultra DMA Mode 2 : 33.3MB/sec, PIO Mode 4 : 16.7MB/sec
Interface   ATA/ATAPI
Buffer Memory   2M
Drive Install Form   Horizontal / Vertical
Size (W * H * L)   148.2 × 42 × 170mm (including bezel)
Disk Format
DVD+R (Dual), DVD-R (Dual), DVD-RAM FAT32 support (FAT 16 does not support), Multi-Session(Read/Write), Multi-Border(Read)

CD :
CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD+E(G), CD-MIDI, CD-TEXT, CD-ROM XA, Mixed Mode CD, CD-I, CD-I bridge (Photo-CD, Video-CD), Multi-Session CD (Photo CD, CD-EXTRA, Portforio)
Buffer Protection   Applied
Lead Free   Applied
Light Scribe   NON applied

Our Test Machine's Specs:

Pentium 4 3GHz (not over clocked)


ABIT Motherboard

Toshiba Introduction

This DVD-Writer is collaboration with Samsung and sold under the Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies (TSST) label. Headquartered in Japan and Korea, TSST (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies) is 51 per cent owned by Toshiba and 49 per cent owned by Samsung. The TSST joint venture includes product and business planning, product development, procurement and sales for optical disc drives (ODDs), world-wide.

A little history about Toshiba's storage division:

Toshiba Storage Device Division (former "Disk Product Division") has been in existence since 1972 when it began producing 14 inch Hard Disk Drives for the OEM market place. In 1975 it started the production of 8 inch Hard Disk Drives for the then infant computer industry in Europe, followed by 5.25 inch, 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch hard drives. As the industry continued to grow Toshiba established a European presence in 1987 based in Neuss, Germany. Toshiba's presence in Europe has since expanded to include sales and support offices in the U. K.& the Republic of Ireland. Toshiba was the first manufacturer to offer a 2.5 inch 40 MB HDD using two glass platters. Nowadays Toshiba reinforces its industry-leading position with new high-capacity, high-performance 2.5 inch hard-disk drives up to 80 GB, world leaders in their class. Toshiba Storage Device Division is one of the few optical storage vendors that is able to support its European customer base directly with local European Sales, Marketing, Technical and Operational staff.

Toshiba also developed the CD-ROM's successor the DVD-ROM and later the first multifunction combination CD-Re-writer/DVD-ROM all-in-one.

This is Toshiba's latest DVD writer and combines 18x speed DVD+ & DVD- writing with support for the new DVD-RAM 12 writing specification. Highlights and prominent features include, 18x speed DVD writing, 12x speed DVD-RAM writing, 8 x speed Dual layer writing, 16x speed DVD-ROM reading (only 12 speed on DVD recorded media) and 48 speed CD-R writing.

[ This Toshiba drive uses a Mediatek chipset and is very similar and shares most of the internal hardware of the Samsung SH-S182D & Sony DRU-830A dvd writers. ]

In this review we will compare it with LG's latest dvd writer the 18x speed LG GSA H12N drive.

What the package includes

OEM package

The package contains:

  • Toshiba TS-H652D DVD±RW Drive
  • Cyberlink DVD Software Disk

The Cyberlink software DVD contains:

  • PowerDVD 6 oem 2ch
  • Power Producer 3 VR
  • Power2Go 4
  • InstantBurn 4

Depending on which country you purchased the drive from you may see a different software package or nothing at all if you purchased OEM.

Our drive version is Japanese which we acquired from Tokyo.


Taken from Samsung SH-S182D

Note: Some of the features are not compatible with the Toshiba Firmware.

The front of the drive resembles the old style traditional Toshiba design (rather than a Samsung drive), with no headphone socket, an emergency eject hole and one multipurpose LED. The Toshiba style drives made by TSST have the traditional old style square eject button.

old Toshiba style front

The back of the drive looks very similar to any other ATAPI CD/DVD writer.

You will find the usual connectors: jumpers for making the drive a Master/Slave/Cable Select, an analogue audio output connector, a digital audio output connector and a power connector.


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