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Advertising on DVD Writers is a highly effective method to target knowledgeable computer users seeking either to purchase equipment themselves or to advise friends on purchases.

Since we are the first web site in the world totally dedicated to the subject of DVD recorders, your company would be known at the beginning of this new phenomenon in home entertainment and you will be able to highly target your audience as this area in DVDs grows.

Daily, we get e-mailed questions such as:

  • Which DVD writer should I buy?
  • Which media do you recommend?
  • Which is the best DVD player for playing DVD-R disks?
  • Which is the best software for making DVDs?
  • What type of underpants do you guys recommend?

OK, the last one I made up but you get the idea :)

Most of our visitors are from searchengines and web sites, with a large number revisting us again.

For more information please contact us using the forum!.

You can use Google adwords to advertise open up and account by clicking on the advert at the top of this page and we recommend a minimum bit of 90p for first place.




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